Tuesday, March 11, 2008

AFA Succeeds, Ford Stops Promoting Hate

In what is a huge day for pro-family advocacy, Ford Motor Company, in the wake of plummeting car sales, will eliminate its pro-homosexual, anti-family agenda after the American Family Association successfully, through heroic means, boycotted the company.

After 780,365 individuals signed the boycott, Ford chose to give up its radical agenda, which included:

1. Giving cash donations to homosexual activities, such as anti-family, hatist gay pride parades.

2. Advertising on homosexual, anti-child media outlets.

3. Giving cash or vehicle donations to homosexual organizations which promote civil unions, and tear families apart, and same-sex marriage, which, if enacted, will undoubtedly lead to anarchistic, genocidal societies in which individuals seek to marry their pets.

All those "benefits" to the anti-child homosexual communities have taken a seat alongside Saddam Hussein -- in hell.

According to the AFA, truly a heroic organization, during the 24 months the boycott took place, Ford sales dropped an average of 8 percent per month, often more. Statistics say the boycott was solely responsible.

The AFA, as well as the Freedom Brothers and President Bush, understand that homosexuality was at least party responsible for 9/11. The terrorists, while hating our freedom, believed we wouldn't fight back because of the sissification they saw in our media.

When homosexuality is perceived as the norm, not out of step, the country that tolerates the hatist homosexuals is looked down upon and becomes open for violent attack. The late Jerry Falwell knew it, Future-President McCain knows it, and you, our loyal reader, know it.

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