Saturday, August 9, 2008

Edwards: My Wife Means Nothing To Me

I hope there’s still room under B. Hussein Obama’s bus.

Move over, America-hating Reverends, radical Muslim clerics, and money laundering scumbags, John Edwards, the wild eyed socialist human oddity found time during his fraudulent campaign to impersonate Bill Clinton’s Wife’s Husband and treat his cancer-stricken wife like a toilet bowl.

The Reputable National Enquirer, who heroically, prophetically followed the Clinton impeachment/Monica Lewinsky blue dress story in the late 90s has exposed the Blame America first Edwards for his democrat adulterous ways. No wonder he wanted to be president. He was trying to following the footsteps of disgraced losers like Teddy Kennedy, Gary Hart, Frathouse John Kerry, Bill Clinton’s wife’s husband, and the liberals’ favorite dead loser, JFK.

Republicans push family values for a reason.

“Can you believe this guy, Edwards?” The Grizz said to me on Friday night, while we sipped cold beers in front of his fire pit, while our strapping young sons played tag and lit fireworks with the neighborhood kids.

“Yes. I believe it wholeheartedly,” I said. “Liberals stand for breaking up the family, and when they can’t do it, they try to blame honest, freedom-loving, straight Republicans like the Honorable Senator Larry Craig and the terrorist-killing family man David Vitter.”

“I guess you’re right. You can’t blame Edwards for hypocrisy. He represents the party of homosexuals, transgenders, and illegal communistic immigrants, who recently opened up a new front in the war on gender. Not being faithful to your wife has basically become a pre-requisite to becoming a dem presidential candidate.”

I took a sip and stared up at the moon, knowing full and well that an American flag still waves in her sand. I sipped my Coors Original glass bottle, an American beer.

Now that Edwards has been exposed, the “anointed One,” not-ready-to-lead B. Hussein will inevitably deny him the right to talk at the democrat convention, even though he now represents democrats more than ever. He represents the Darwinistic sect that throws their illness-grieved “Loved” ones overboard when something looser, dirtier, and easier comes around. And none of this will change under a laughable B. Hussein presidency. Most honorable Americans saw during his “Extra” interview the derision in his eyes while he let his children take time out of submitting to his Muslim extremism and talk about how much their father neglects them.

The only positive that can be taken out of this affair is that Edwards’ whorifying mistress didn’t give in to his repeated attempts and pressure, likely by Edwards himself, to commit infanticide of their love child, under the threat of a mob killing that Edwards’ boys would have made look like a “suicide.”

B. Hussein, we know you want to break up the family the way Edwards broke his wife’s weak heart and flushed it like cockied paper. Shame on you both. The Freedom Brothers are pissed, and we won’t stand for it anymore.

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Jeff said...

Freedom eagle, the grizz. Why don't you go make some toast. I bet you are just a bunch of illegal immigrants posing as white nationals to give your willys a little tickle. Next time you think you want to post something intelligent just pause, regroup, and go here