Thursday, May 5, 2011

Funeral for a Friend: Obama Puts His Mentor to Rest – Or Does He?

Things weren’t exactly looking up for the Husseinenites.

Their leader, B. Hussein Obama, had already accomplished his overarching goal of his “administration”: Destroying The American Economy through raw socialist power grabbing and the metaphorical burning of a thousand crisp American flags. Humiliatingly, the American people properly denounced him for dirtying his knees in front of red china all the while his clown cabinet undid their trousers and poked Uncle Sam’s eyeball, in-out, in-out. His ratings were low, sure, but there were still enough Illegal Mexicans, racist blacks and community organizers sucking the fat tit of the prosperous, freedomous American taxpayer to keep his Rasmussen numbers hovering above the 20 percent range.

As your food prices went up, B. Hussein Obama and the hatists he coddles in Washington printed more money to fund abortions overseas, strip The Troops of body armor, and provide Lavish Michelle with more buttery corn on the cob than she knew what to do with, all the while telling Lil’ Cal he’s a fat fuck, through her mind control social program.

Even narcissistic marriage vows-killer John Edwards was starting to look like a viable alternative to the commie psycho we’ve got ruling the country with a hateful fist.

Then came American Hero Donald Trump, a man who embodies the American dream, a man who has made a fortune after growing up poor, kindly gives to charity and entertains Americans through his freedomous casinos and reality television entertainment. This man went where the lamestream media would not: He hit Obama on his fake birth certificate. After pounding and pounding, with the supposed-president laughing off Trump’s correct accusations, the White House quickly doctored up a phony, Photo-shopped document worthy of treason charges against the United States of America. Numerous sources, including the Freedom Brothers and now-Patriotic Alex Jones, have shown the “document” to be a fraud.

And as Hussein’s approvals hit rock bottom, he decided to one-up the Real Rebel Billionaire, interrupt his patriotic television show on Sunday, and announce to the world that, due to President Bush’s correct torture policies and ongoing Freedom War in the Middle East, that bin Laden had been killed.

Call Freedom Eagle less than impressed.

It’s been well established that B. Hussein Obama not only was trained by Muslim Extremists as a bratty child, but may have had a leading role in the attacks on 9/11. (One at least can’t help but wonder if the New Black Panther-esque president, who admittedly hates and ridicules police officers, got his Islamic, Marxist, porn-love friends to initiate 9/11 as the path to eliminating police officers and firefighters in New York City, the location of his fake college, Columbia, where he was regularly “busted” for smoking chronic and snorting cocaine.)

So, why would Hussein want to take out Bin Laden, a man he trusts and loves?

Freedom Fighter Pamela Geller has the source. The "Change Sucka" was forced to go after the terrorists under threat of a freedomous military coup. (Food for thought: What’s the greater good, taking bin Laden or Obama?)

We believed the story. Still might. But it seems something more sinister is at play, and we’ll get right to it: Is Osama bin Laden really dead, or is he working in cahoots with the Obama Administration’s traitors, thieves and burglars? After all, with his entire administration and career already gone to hell in a socialist, smurf picnic basket. So, what’s he do? Call up his Dear Friend, fake his murder, put an empty casket in a “sea” and tell the serfs everything is going to be all right.

Think Freedom Eagle is wrong? Find one piece of evidence that states otherwise. After all, why would the regime not release the photos unless there weren’t any?

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