Friday, November 21, 2008

Nation of Islam

The Grizz’s head hurts. His vision is blurry. He can’t get himself out of bed in the morning.

Things have been bad these last couple of weeks, since B. Hussein Obama hijacked the country. Already, Hard-Working Americans are losing their jobs, the Dow is tanking, and some of our largest companies are going the way of the buffalo. It seems like the Free Market is the only entity with any sense left in this cruel, cruel world.

The liberal mainstream media should be shut down by Our President, President Bush after the charade they’ve put on over the last two years. They’re already planning the perfect camera shot of their left-wing patrons dancing in the streets like riled Gazans as Barack Hussein Obama becomes the first American President to get sworn in over the Koran, wearing a ski-mask. Already, the spectacle of a sweating, salivating, fully-engorged Wolf Blitzer has become commonplace as he breathlessly fantasizes about which democrat Obama will dig out of Time’s Graveyard to install in his Cabinet of Evil.

Secretary of State
At least the first word of that title sounds fitting for Bill Clinton’s Dish-Washing, Laundry-Doing Wife.

Secretary of Commerce
Obese, perspiration-soaked Bill Richardson is a puzzling choice, but The Grizz assumes he’s gained some business experience wheeling-and-dealing with Illegals down at the Home Depot parking lot.

Secretary of Homeland Security
Obama is well aware that it will be much easier to carry out his evil plan for America with a woman at the helm.

Attorney General
The same man who’s made a career recruiting minions for Castro and releasing rabid terrorists back to drill with Obama’s blood-brothers in the training camps is perfectly equipped to oversee the dismantlement of Americans’ Civil Rights and Liberties.

The list goes on and on. Ted Kennedy for Department of Transportation based on his extensive experience with vehicular-homicide? Pink-band-aid-wearer John Kerry to replace General Petraeus? Crack-smoking womanizer Marrion Barry for the White House Counsel?

Maybe one day we’ll all wake up and this will only have been a terrible dream. In actuality, John McCain will have been presiding over a program-squashing, abortion-eradicating, homosexual marriage-destroying, Little Man-barbequing Golden Age, where our children can run and play and smile and love.

Alas, The Grizz has pinched himself till blood ran down his arms, and it appears that this nightmare is one which will never end.


Anonymous said...

You asshole, some people actually believe this bullshit

Freedom Eagle said...

Anonymous (coward),

Please refrain from using profanity on the Freedom Brothers. We are a proud family-oriented website. This "explative" is actually truth. We realize that the minds of libs and Paultards are full of fumes and hatred, but leave it for the crack dealers on your corners, not our corner of the blogosphere.

Yours in Freedom,
Freedom Eagle