Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Lil Cal: An American Asks Of Socialism

“Daddy, why is he giving our money to people who don’t work?”

Yesterday, as B. Hussein signed the infamous spending bill, I had to explain to my son, Calvin, one of the hardest things a parent will ever have to clarify.

I’ve raised him well. We work out together in Freedom Eagle’s finished basement on my Total Gym and Nordic Flex. We fix each others’ protein shakes, we’ve gone through 58 cut-outs of “Osama: Wanted Dead or Alive” posters for our punching bags, and I’ve taken him to work so he can see his father in action, striving toward the American dream.

But he’s also seen the dark side of American life. He’s seen the drifters, the bums, the welfare mothers, the democrats rotating through their Obama T-shirts. He’s watched MSNBC.

So, I’m at a loss when my son asks me about the new Swedish model of American life. The America where our president, acting as a sissified Robin Hood, takes away Calvin’s father’s money and gives it to those very drifters, bums, welfare queens, and Disney Worlders who will spend their massive tax-cuts on more Obama T-shirts, gold-plated hubcaps for their Pontiacs, and cheap street drugs.

B. Hussein’s distrust in the flag, the military, the American way of life: It goes further than we can ever imagine. Our new supposed president has deep roots in hatred of American values. He has bathed in Indonesia with fellow Muslims and black power enthusiasts.

But people try to act with an open mind about our traitor-in-chief. They say that I, too, will learn not to blame my fraudulent Kenyan-born president. They say, sure, his father may have been Malcolm X. He may have been raised by a series of Marxist radicals, and his mother may have been a loosey goosey. But he is still human. His hatred of American values is seeded in his father’s abandonment, his step-father’s abandonment, and his mother’s abandonment while he was busy throwing his grandparents under the bus.

Freud might say, Hussein’s anti-Americanism is not his fault – completely.

But Freedom Eagle laughs. When B. Hussein takes a wrecking ball to Our American values, the Ayn Rand objectivist in me blames him. B. Hussein: You are responsible for your own destiny. You are responsible for the hatred you bring this country. You are responsible for demolishing the American family and the eventual flush that will send America spinning down a toilet the same way John Edwards flushed his wife’s cancer-stricken heart like it were cockied paper.

So when Lil’ Cal asks me the tough questions, I have to answer him the way I know best. I tell him his president – No longer President Bush – hates Lil’ Cal and all those hard-working, resilient kids whose parents have also worked through thick and thin to get where they are. His president – B. Hussein Obama – dreams of a society in which the poor, the lazy, the faked-handicapped, they stay at home all day drinking lemonade and sucking sugar cubes watching Jerry Springer. The rich – the ones with the wealth – we’re forced to slave at work for 12 hours every day – including weekends when Freedom Eagle and Lil’ Cal throw a football. Then we sign over all our hard-earned dough at gunpoint to those individuals sitting in the air conditioning, smoking Marxist Cuban cigars.

And when Lil’ Cal asks: “How do we stop him from doing that, Dad?” I answer in the way I know best: We pray for a miracle.


Martysullivan42 said...
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Anonymous said...

No, if YOU do not like what this country stands for now, YOU can leave. There are many socialist countries where YOU can live.

Illustrated Dream Diary said...
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