Friday, August 6, 2010

Were the Freedom Brothers Wrong About Alex Jones?

The Freedom Brothers wish to make an apology.

For years, Freedom Eagle and the Grizz have been slamming and ridiculing one Alex Jones, a radio host based in Austin, Texas, for claims Jones made regarding our former, honorable president, George W. Bush, a man’s man. Jones seemed to insinuate George W. Bush had prior knowledge of the 9/11 attacks. Ron Paul has repeated these accusations. Paul also believes Franklin Roosevelt was very, very good friends with Adolf Hitler and that Jewish bankers planned and executed World War II for profit.

These accusations are unforgivable.

However, Jones, today, is onto something. You see, Jones has begun exposing “president” Obama’s plans to take away your guns, unfreedomize your medicine, socialize private business and turn over the power of his presidency to the UN, New World Order and the Illuminati in order to microchip and then eliminate 80 percent of humanity.

Jones is damn right, he is.

For almost two years, B. Hussein Obama has mocked you and your family, forcing you into debt, and intentionally inflating the jobless rate to make the cowardly unemployed dependent on government. You see, the unemployed, once employable men and women looking for jobs, have become lazy, fly swatting mongloids because of the Kenyan-born usurper. Similar to the supposed “victims” of Hurricane Katrina, the unemployed today receive more free money, benefits and food than your average American citizen. This is why they are generally extremely overweight and can recite every episode of Tyler Perry's "Meet the Browns."

In many cases, American workers intentionally get themselves fired from their modestly paying job so they can make more money by sitting on their asses all day, sipping lemonade and eating the caviar they’ve bought with their food stamp debit card, or ordering pizzas on their government-given cell phones.

And the Democratic congress, shameful as they are, continue extending these unemployment benefits for the newly lazified unemployed, whose lives have become as miserable, slothen and drug-ridden as your typical underage Obama voter.

Enough is enough. And Alex Jones is doing his country a service.

Jones, before Hussein was sworn into office, released “The Obama Deception,” a feature-length, high-definition documentary explaining how B. Hussein is actually a secret agent for the Israeli shadow government – the illuminati – and had many homosexual relationships in his past, including with his former reverend, Reverend “God damn America” Wright.

As a sociopath, Obama has had most of the homosexuals, with whom he’s had homosexual intercourse with, murdered. These include many men inside Hussein’s racist, radical, segregated parish. And besides Wright, only one of Obama’s many partners has survived: Larry Sinclair. And Sinclair wrote a book about it. A book you should read, as the Freedom Brothers did, as Alex Jones did.

Alex Jones is an asset to the country.

The Freedom Brothers now believe – as we believe Jones believes – that B. Hussein Obama was the real government culprit behind those terrible attacks on September 11, 2001. The facts are there:

• Obama is a Muslim extremist born in Kenya, a Muslim country.
• B. Hussein Obama has an extreme hatred toward police officers (many of whom were killed on 9/11), as was documented when he called a Boston police officer “stupid” then ridiculed the Irish cop by offering to get him drunk.
• B. Hussein Obama is so egotistical, he wrote a book about himself in his 30s. Men this egotistical are often mad with rage, as B. Hussein Obama was at America his whole life, as documented in “Dreams of My Father,” a book in which Hussein claims to love his father, even though his father killed himself while drunk driving.
• B. Hussein Obama was advised by the Fort Hood shooter – a Muslim extremist terrorist – during his presidential campaign and ensuing electioneering.
• B. Hussein Obama was more concerned with getting a healthcare death bill passed than he was in extending the Bush tax cuts, which created a growth economy. The healthcare death bill will lead to the rationing of healthcare as well as death panels and, very likely, forced abortions.
• B. Hussein Obama’s stimulus package has resulted in funding scientific experiments and will not create a single permanent job. Scientific experiments are often conducted by those who do not believe in the Creator, God.
• B. Hussein Obama has never visited Ground Zero.

The facts are there and we’re ready to listen to Jones rescind his former statements about Lil’ Cal’s hero, President Bush. Did B. Hussein Obama have a hand in the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001? All evidence points to yes. And Jones has helped release this evidence. Alex Jones, the Freedom Brothers thank you.


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