Wednesday, November 19, 2008

B. Hussein Steals Election, America Yawns

You know America is being flushed down the toilet by its Washington bureaucrats when terrorists start making sense.

The Drudge Report, an unbiased, non-partisan, truth web site, reported today that Al Qaida Number 2 Ayman al-Zawahri insulted our fraudulent “president,” B. Hussein Obama. (Or, should we say B. Hussein Obama X?)

No problems here, Ayman.

Before the semi-literate liberals trolling this site try to slander Freedom Eagle and his son, Calvin, remember this: When Ayman al-Zawahri demeans B. Hussein Obama by saying he’s doing the bidding of whites, The Freedom Brothers agree. B. Hussein is already in talks with Bill Ayers, a cop killer and America demoralizer, to take over our domestic policy. We are well aware that the Brilliant Bush-invented Department of Homeland Security, when run by Hussein’s socialists, will begin bombing our own buildings. Ron Paul and his drugged-up loser 9/11 Truth followers will finally be correct. This will be due to William Ayers, cop-killer socialist. Mr. Ayers is white. B. Hussein is doing the bidding of whites.

Zawahri went onto call B. Hussein, Colin Powell (PBR), and Condoleezza Rice “abeed al-beit", a word for “House negroes.”

Again, no complaints.

Condi Rice drenched her career in kerosene and lit the match the moment she applauded B. Hussein’s slim margin of victory, traitorously saying she was "especially proud" of the fraud. B. Hussein also frauded our country when he refused to give up his birth certificate -- since he was born in Kenya, not the United States, and is therefore ineligible to be president. If B. Hussein is allowed to be president, then we should also allow The Mighty George Bush to run for a third term. We know libs would never agree to this since W. would shove the Chicago welfare prince into the dishwasher and not let him out ‘til he begs forgiveness.

As for PBR, the Freedom Brothers’ well-researched web log has already documented how racist this former honorable general is. Rush Limbaugh proved it when he said, “Powell Endorsement of Obama Has Everything to do with Race, Elitism…Well, let me say it louder, and let me say it even more plainly. It was totally about race! The Powell endorsement is totally about race."

Unfortunately, conservatives don’t have enough heroes like Limbaugh.

Both Condoleeza Rice and Colin Powell are bigots and the very idea that they are not insulted by his presidency, let alone his former-candidacy, has set the African-American movement back to the sixties, when they followed Malcolm X and burned entire blocks of cities.

Al Zawahri also stated that B. Hussein’s election is an American admission of failure. The Freedom Brothers would agree with this had B. Hussein not stolen his “victory” out of the clutches of Once-Future-President McCain. Americans are overwhelmingly in favor of winning the Humanitarian Liberation of Iraq. We refuse to let our boys die for nothing, which they will have done should B. Hussein pull the troops out, though he doesn’t have the authority to do so. He’d never pass security clearance due to his bigoted, terrorist friends and the fact that he reportedly hasn’t quit using drugs and engages in homosexual acts.

We still need Future-President McCain. There is still time. B. Hussein has yet to be inaugurated. We need Future-President McCain to barge into the White House – with or without a tank, with or without artillery – and take back what is his. B. Hussein stole the election. This is plain and simple. Even Al Qaida understands that. We would have taken a hag like Bill Clinton’s Nightmare-Living wife over this racist article of pompousuity, who many sources believe has come from hell to end the world. At least Clinton's wife would have tried – unsuccessfully – to defeat Al Qaida with the help of hatist generals like Wesley Clark and his phony soldiers (actors) at

There’s still time to take this thing back. Give America back to the Americans. Tell B. Hussein and his minions of underage Disney Worlders to flee to cowardly France, since it’s not just where they’ve been threatening to move for the past eight Freedomous years, it’s where they belong.


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Anonymous said...

It's "'abd al-bayt" and it means "house slave" not "house negro."